At present, PVD mainly includes evaporation coating, magnetron sputtering coating, multi arc ion coating, chemical vapor deposition and so on.

Generally speaking, PVD belongs to green environmental protection industry. Compared with other industries, it is very harmful to human body, but it is not without. Of course, it can also be effectively reduced or even completely eliminated. The following points need attention:

Noise pollution, such as some large coating equipment and mechanical vacuum pump, which are very noisy, can isolate the pump outside the wall;

In the process of light pollution ion coating, the gas ionizes and emits strong light, which is not suitable to look through the observation window for a long time;

Metal pollution. Some coating materials (such as chromium, indium and aluminum) are harmful to human body. Special attention should be paid to the dust pollution during the cleaning of the vacuum chamber;

Radiation, some coatings need to use RF power supply. If the power is high, it needs to be shielded. In addition, according to European standards, metal wires are embedded around the door frame of single room coating machine to shield radiation.